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Jon Buffington


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About my approach (style) to therapy

Photo of Jon BuffingtonTherapy is a journey. Individuals come to therapy to heal relationships. Oftentimes this is due to traumatic events or relationships. Trauma comes in many shapes, forms and often impedes relationships. Whether that relationship is with self, with others (such as spouses, family or others) or just a general lacking of connectedness to this existence we call life. Therapy is a way to form a relationship with the therapist from a unique perspective. In this relationship, we are afforded the opportunity to be heard and validated in a way that may be lacking. By telling our narrative as an individual, the therapist can assist in the individual healing these relationships by gaining a deeper understanding, grieving and working in the here and now. Our goal is to become the best version of ourselves, to be restored to whole, to have a life with meaning, purpose and value. I am always honored to take this journey with an individual.

About my background and training…

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor in the state of Tennessee. I am located in Sewanee and have been counseling individuals, couples and families for the past 12+ years in a variety of diverse settings. My experience began working as an outpatient therapist in a substance abuse setting. Always willing to grow, learn and challenge myself, I began working with severe and persistent mentally ill homeless persons under a federal grant as well as working on the treatment side of a collaborative court program through a federal grant working with persons who have co-occurring disorder to receive treatment versus incarceration. I have worked as a primary therapist and a family therapist at residential facilities, as a clinical director for the past 5 years at an outpatient facility, a presenter on the state level at educational conferences and currently in private practice on the campus of the University of the South at Sewanee. Here I primarily work with adults and teens as well as couples and marriage counseling.

About my work (ideal clients)…

My primary work today is with those individuals struggling to achieve the best version of themselves. A variety of factors are at play here from past trauma, difficulty connecting, tragic life events, self-sabotaging or self-destructive coping skills, among others that get in our own way. I offer a place for the individual to explore past patterns and create a new narrative for a new future.​


Please call me with your concerns ... 931 588-0481.